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My Cute Little
Recycling Program

In an effort to keep to my goal of being eco-friendly in a generally non-eco friendly business (crafting, home decor, etc) It's time for a recycling program!

Have an old sola wood arrangement, or a box filled with things you don't want to throw into a landfill (because they're perfectly fine), but you're unsure what to do with them? 


I will happily take them off your hands to clean & reuse what I can in future upcycled pieces, and give you a discount on your future purchase.


-see below for details- 

Give me your old stuff! 

I get it! Sometimes, we just need a refresh. But if you're going to toss that old centerpiece or bouquet into the trash, you've added more waste to the landfill. Though the flowers are biodegradable, the wire & plastic filler - and allll the other- pieces are not.

So, what to do? You have options!


1) you can gift it to someone who might be looking for a refresh, themselves

2) send me your sola wood arrangement(s) & I will give you a discount on a future purchase

How it works:


Email me at and let me know you're interested in the recycling program.


Send me a photo of the sola wood arrangement you'd like to swap, and we will determine whether it's better to ship, or possible drop-off options.


- If it is one of my arrangements, I will send you a code for a discount for an existing item in my Etsy shop. The discount is 30% off of the original price you paid for the item (for example: if you purchased a $100 bouquet from me & eventually returned it, you would receive $30 towards another bouquet)

- If it's an arrangement from a different vendor, I will send you a code for 10-20% off of an existing item in my Etsy shop up to $50.

*these discounts do not apply to custom orders*

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