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Bouquets, Home Décor, Replicas and Wedding Bouquets


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Looking for a bouquet that is just right? Well, Goldilocks, you've come to the right place! I can create a bouquet based on your preferences of color and style. Prices are based on size & shipping dates.


Want a little something something, but not a bouquet? I got you covered. I can make a custom upcycled décor piece that will suit your eclectic tastes! Prices are based on size of the item & shipping dates.

b replica.jpg


Did you have a beautiful fresh-flowered wedding bouquet that now resembles the Corpse Bride's? Fear not: I may be able to help bring the memory of that joyful bouq back to life! 

Prices are based on inventory & shipping dates.


Are you searching for a cost-effective, long-lasting, slightly greener alternative to fresh flowers?

:: raises hand ::  Let's chat! 

Prices are based on inventory, number of bouquets & shipping dates.

(Please leave enough time when ordering for the arrangements to be created)

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