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Hey everyone! (or probably just my mom) Here is my little space in the world where I try to engage with you about low-to-no waste ideas. It's a tricky business to start, but once you start, it's a great new habit to form.

Fenris & Fox Designs was created out of a desire to have a cost-effective alternative to incredibly expensive wedding bouquets - but it was also born from a desire not to waste fresh flowers. The flower industry is incredibly massive, and I was more interested in an option (for myself) that would last longer, be personal, and (ideally) affect as little as possible. This is not to say everything I do causes no impact - BUT - I am continually trying to find ways to improve upon the concept of lessening my footprint.

You'll notice I have an upcoming recycling program - I am so excited about it! The program's aim is to lessen the trashing of already-existing household arrangements (in favor of new ones). We all need a little freshening up, now & then - but we don't need to toss the old things in a landfill! Let's find a new home or purpose for them, as we change up our space.

I suppose this is enough gabbing for now - but I look forward to sharing ideas and articles with you!

CheersXO Larissa

Owner/Designer of Fenris&Fox Designs

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