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Helping the planet & looking cool doing it

Way back in April, I was thrilled to be a part of an Eco Faire down in Bradley Beach, NJ. Let me preface this littles story by pointing out that, usually, when I'm involved in a street fair, I'm a little bit of a loner. It's usually food stands, corporate stands, century 21...people giving away bibles..?....just...very random things of this nature. My humble little table rarely fits in - and I rarely find someone excited about upcycling. But finally - FINALLY - I was part of an awesome street fair, where EVERYONE CARED ABOUT THE PLANET and I wasn't all alone in my sad little tent sobbing!

I don't sit around sobbing, this was for dramatic effect.

The vendors were pretty awesome, too. I'm going to list a bunch of them and you should look into supporting them, and any other vendor who is trying to upcycle/recycle or keep a small footprint! Because I said so. JK.......or am I?

Here are some of the instagram hashtags of other vendors:







ANND here are some names of local businesses NOT at this fair, but also eco-friendly:



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