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News & Events

You'll find announcements and info for the fairs, festivals and events that Fenris & Fox Designs will be attending! 

You can also find my blog, where I gush about recycling & ways to remain eco-friendly, as well as info on how to book Fenris & Fox for Parties in the comfort of your own home!



Find out dates, locations, etc. of festivals, fairs and events where Fenris & Fox will be selling our handcrafted arrangements and décor.


Coming soon: In an effort to keep my company's (and general) footprint low, I'm starting a recycling program! Trade in your old arrangements, faux greenery, containers/etc. for a discounted price.

Recycling Glass Bottles


Want access to my designs, maybe hang with your friends, but don't want to leave your house? I got you covered - have a pop-up party with Fenris: I'll bring the boutique to you, and you just bring your friends + snacks! 


Are you always looking for ways to recycle and clean up this cute lil' planet? Check my blog for findings, events, articles and thoughts on all things recycling and low/no-waste.

Recycled Bottle Planter
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